General contact information for trials in Alberta:

  • Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials –
  • Edmonton: Cross Cancer Institute (780-432-8771)
  • Calgary: Tom Baker Cancer Centre (403-521-3723)

Current trials:


Recruiting locations in Alberta:

  • Edmonton – Cross Cancer Institute (Dr. Karen Mulder, 780-432-8771)

ID Number: NCT03465722


Description: This study looks at the drug Avapritnib (BLU-285) for patients with advanced or metastatic a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) compared to Regorafenib. Patients will take one of the two study drugs over 2 months and the researchers will compare their survival and disease status over time to decide which medication is more effective.

  • Group A will receive Avapritnib.
  • Group B will receive a Regorafenib.

Intervention: Both of the drugs being compared in this study are meant to stop cancer cells from spreading. Regorafenib is a kinase inhibitor. This means that it stops cancer cells from producing certain proteins they need to survive and divide. It is widely used to treat various types of cancer. Avapritnib looks like a promising new treatment which can stop cancer cells from dividing. This trial will help to figure out if it is helpful in treating a specific type of gastric cancer.

Can I consider participating?

  • Yes: adult patients with an unresectable GIST who have already been treated with a medication called imatinib, as well as 1-2 other medications which are tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs)
  • No: patients who have been treated with Avapritnib or Regorafenib in the past; patients who have tried 3 or more TKI medications in the past


Recruiting location in Alberta:

  • Edmonton – Cross Cancer Institute  (Julie Price Hiller: 780-432-8762)

ID Number: NCT02743494


Description: This study looks at the drug Nivolumab for patients with advanced gastric cancer who have had surgery. The experiment will compare the survival of two patient groups after surgery:

  • Group A will receive Nivolumab.
  • Group B will receive a placebo instead.  

Intervention: Sometimes, cancer cells stop our immune system from recognizing the growth of a tumor.  This way, the cancer is effectively able to “hide” from our body’s immune defense mechanisms. Nivolumab is a drug which helps your immune system (T cells) find and attack cancerous cells. This means that it is a type of immunotherapy drug.

Can I consider participating?

  • Yes: patients who already had chemoradiotherapy and surgery for stage 2 or 3 esophageal or gastroesophageal cancer, however the disease is still present
  • No: patients who have stage 4 cancer, or did not have chemoradiotherapy before surgery


Recruiting location in Alberta:

  • Edmonton – Cross Cancer Institute (Michael Sawyer: 780-432-8285)

ID Number: NCT02935634


Description: This study is trying to understand the best way to use the drug Nivolumab in a combination with other immunotherapeutic treatments in patients with advanced gastric cancer. There will be three groups in this trial. Each one will compare a different combination of medication:

  • Group A – Nivolumab and Ipilimumab
  • Group B – Nivolumb and Relatlimab
  • Group C – Nivolumab and BMS-986205


  • Nivolumab is a drug which helps your immune system (T cells) attack cancerous cells. It is an immunotherapy medication.
  • Ipilimumab, Relatlimab and BMS-986205 are also immunotherapy medication

Can I consider participating?

  • Yes: patients who have advanced gastric cancer
  • No: patients with a HER2+ tumor who have not been treated with trastuzumab, patients with an autoimmune disorder.

JAVELIN-Medley Trial

Recruiting location in Alberta:

  • Edmonton – Cross Cancer Institute (Michael Sawyer: 780-432-8248)

ID Number: NCT02554812


Description: This is a Phase II trial. It is looking at the effects of the drug Avelumab combined with other cancer therapies for treating advanced gastric tumors. There are many treatment groups in this trial, because the researchers are interested in testing various dosages of each drug, as well as different combinations. The drug combinations they will be testing are:

  • A: Avelumab and Utomilumab
  • B: Avelumab and PF-04518600
  • C: Avelumab and PD-0360324
  • D: Avelumab, Utomilumab and PF-04518600

Intervention: All of the medications involved in this trial are immunotherapeutic. They help our immune system’s T cells recognize and attack tumor cells. This trial is trying to understand the effects of the drugs in combination with each other, as well as determine the appropriate dose for each medication.

Can I consider participating?

  • Yes: patients with an advanced gastric tumor who have a life expectancy of at least 3 months. The tumor has not been treated with radiation or systemic chemotherapy within 1 year.
  • No: patients who are currently having immunotherapy, recently had surgery (within 4 weeks), current infection