CaGCA Committees

The Canadian Gastric Cancer Association was established in 2018. We are a group of healthcare practitioners and stakeholders who are collectively interested in developing better treatments for gastric cancer through research and improved patient care. Please find descriptions for each of our subcommittees below.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for hosting this website, sending out newsletters to our members, networking with stakeholders, reaching out to new members and hosting bi-annual internal meetings. Members:

Executive Director: Dr. Natalie Coburn (Ontario)

Dr. Savtaj Brar (Ontario)

Dr. Elena Elimova (Ontario)

Dr. Shaila Merchant (Ontario)

Dr. Winson Cheung (Alberta)

Dr. Mai-Kim Gervais (Quebec)

Dr. Trevor Hamilton (British Columbia)

Big Data Committee

The Big Data Committee is responsible for assessing opportunities for Canadian gastric cancer studies and providing relevant commentary on research happenings for our newsletter. Members:

Committee Lead: Dr. Winson Cheung

Dr. Alyson Mahar

Dr. Elena Elimova

Dr. Dan Schiller

Clinical Trials Committee

The Clinical Trials Committee is responsible for assessing opportunities for Canadian gastric cancer clinical trials and providing relevant commentary for our newsletter. Members:

Committee Lead: Dr. Mai-Kim Gervais

Dr. Sean Bennett

Dr. Milton Harry

Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley

Dr. Mark Doherty

Dr. Francis Zih

Dr. Elena Elimova

Dr. Stephanie Snow

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for the CaGCA Twitter account, assembling articles for our newsletter, maintaining our website and holding internal meetings. Members:

Committee Lead: Dr. Savtaj Brar

Dr. Huynh Quoc

Victoria Delibasic

Gursharan Sohi

Genetics Committee

The Genetics Committee is responsible for assessing opportunities for Canadian gastric cancer research (specifically pertaining to genetics/hereditary information), and commenting on relevant research in our newsletter. Members:

Committee Lead: Dr. Elena Elimova

Dr. Patrick Roberts

Dr. Lucy Helyer

Patient Education Committee

The Patient Education Committee is responsible for creating and disseminating informational material for patients (i.e.: gastric cancer booklet), creating and updating Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, as well as maintaining patient educational material on the website. Members: 

Committee Lead: Dr. Shaila Merchant

Ekaterina Kosyachova

Teresa Tiano

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman

Dr. Steven MacLellan

Dr. Carmen Mueller

Elaine Avila

Victoria Delibasic

Gursharan Sohi

Anna Van Osch

Tracey Rapier

Provider Education Committee

The Provider Education Committee is responsible for assisting with the organization of the next D2 Gastrectomy course and coordinating the Canadian Surgery Forum annual meeting session. Members:

Committee Lead: Dr. Carolyn Nessim

Dr. Farhana Shariff

Dr. Adam Meneghetti

Dr. Shaqil Kassam

Video Library Committee

The Video Library Committee is responsible for selecting and commenting upon videos which are uploaded to the website, as well as creating/maintaining a library of teaching videos for residents, fellows and staff. Members: 

Committee Lead: Dr. Trevor Hamilton

Dr. Andras Fecso

Dr. Cindy Boulanger-Gobeil

Dr. Laz Klein

Dr. Paul James

Dr. Usmaan Hameed