Past Work

Past work by CaGCA members and research colleagues:

Diagnostic testing:

  • These papers are all related to imaging modalities which can be used in preoperative staging as well as the impacts the accuracy of each method has on surgical outcomes.

Lymph nodes:

  • These papers are all about lymph nodes: primarily addressing how many need to be assessed, the merits of D1/D2 lymphadenectomies, and more.

Multivisceral resection:

  • These papers are all about taking out more organs than just the stomach.

Palliative surgery / advanced gastric cancer:

  • These two papers aim to understand treatment options for patients with advanced gastric cancer who may not qualify for a curative gastrectomy.

Predictors, outcomes, miscellaneous:

  • These papers focus on surgical outcomes using different techniques and procedures. Also, patient surveillance after surgery and genetic testing for gastric cancer in families are discussed.